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Friday, August 24, 2012

Shakespeare: I am a teacher

I am very excited to share that I will be teaching Shakespeare this year through a program called Y-Arts via YMCA Boll in downtown Detroit. I am beyond excited!

To the people who have said, "Geez, Sam you sure do have a lot going on, are you still writing?" Yes, I am. I will still be doing my public relations work for my undisclosed automotive company (I don't want to say on this blog here) and I will still be doing my theater reviews for The Oakland Press so continue to check the left margin of this blog for critiques from the upcoming, and exciting, 2012-2013 season. But, teaching is where my heart is right now. It is a dream come true.

Ever since I visited the Utah Shakespeare Festival over four years ago, I have had this vision in my head to create change and give back to the city that raised me through the author. The arts are powerful and there are a lot of elements in Shakespeare that I think are parallel to life in Detroit. We know tragedy. We know pain. We also know that sometimes, even with all the drama, there is comedy and love.

When I was a little girl growing up in the city, my mother changed my life forever when she introduced me to the theater. It opened my mind to the possibilities of life and helped me see beyond some of the challenges that can come with growing up in the inner city. While everyone was outside playing, I'd be in my room dreaming up stories and writing them.

The past few months I have been proactive in making my dreams of Shakespeare in Detroit come true from my training at Tech Town (at Wayne State University) to some of the wonderful entrepreneurs and creative people I have had the opportunity to speak with about my initiative.

In the next couple of weeks I will have the opportunity to create an interactive classroom for kids where they can learn about and engage with Shakespeare's work. I feel blessed and I am SO excited to meet my students in the near future. I hope that they, like I once did, will find something new about themselves that they can hold onto. Something that will change them and/or help them grow and use their imaginations  to see beyond the challenges that may come into their lives as children and into adulthood.

We all need a little Shakespeare.



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