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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shakespeare Against Cancer

I am happy to finally announce my volunteer program, "Shakespeare Against Cancer" to my blog readers.

As many of you may or may not know, I lost my aunt this year to cancer.

My aunt, Sherry Peterson, was a writer, performer and lover of the arts. She also loved kids, and they loved her back.

A few months ago, during my time at Tech Town, I came up with the idea to honor her and all those that I know who have fought or are currently battling cancer through a program I am calling, "Shakespeare Against Cancer."

My aunt dreamed of producing one of her plays. But, unfortunately, she was never able to do so. And, I know that she would be so proud and happy that her life inspired work that will give back to a city that she loved very much in an artistic way.

Next month, myself, and hopefully 3 to 4 other actors, will be going to Children's Hospital of Michigan and bringing a Shakespeare story to life for kids undergoing chemotherapy in the oncology department.

The 15-minute vignettes will hopefully bring smiles to kids who are undergoing treatment at such young ages.

The hope is that we can go in there for a brief period and leave behind a positive memory, and a couple of gifts, that will make that day of treatment a little bit easier.

If anyone wants to participate in this journey with me, please email me for more information at for details on how you can act or contribute to the effort. Currently, I need a couple of more actors and if anyone wants to donate costume pieces or boxes of crayons-- we need those for the coloring books we will be leaving with the kids, please let me know.

I have to tell you guys, I am quite scared. It's scary whenever you try to organize something and it is so important to me that the short time we spend at Children's Hospital is successful. But, every time I think of my Aunty Sherry, I don't feel afraid anymore.

I'm excited to give this gift to the kids next month!



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