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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teaching: 8 weeks later

Last Saturday was a really fun class for my students and I.

I gave them certificates for completing my acting class. And, we celebrated with snacks and watched "Moulin Rouge." I thought it was going to be my final class with them, but I got a one-week extension. So, this upcoming Saturday is the last day with my students.

I had them all pass around a scrap book and place some of the stories/poems that they wrote for me a few weeks ago inside. I want to keep them as a progress report for what we covered and to remember my girls. I'll share one of the stories with you soon. A lot of them are really talented writers.

I am not sure where I am teaching next. I probably won't find out until December or the beginning of January. However, I do know that I want to do this in some capacity for the rest of my life. There is nothing like watching a young person come to life during the course of a semester.

I have enjoyed watching my quiet students find their voices and my more outgoing students put their energy towards expressing themselves in a creative and meaningful way. Sure, they learned what a monologue is and how to audition and present themselves on stage. But, more than that, I think they have learned that their imaginations and talents can take them anywhere--everything they imagine can come true once they leave that juvenile facility.

The only thing standing between them and greatness is their own self-doubt.

I don't care where they are from and what they did that caused them to be incarcerated. They are brilliant and I pray that even after Saturday they will continue to let their imaginations fly and the scenes of their lives on the world's biggest stage--real-life--will be positive.

It is up to them whether or not they will shine. And, I will be waiting in the wings to hear great things about them in the future.


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