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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Love endures all things

It's been quite an emotional and difficult weekend for the entire nation. The state of the world can be very difficult to live in and understand. It reminds me of how important it is to live life under the light of love every day. That can be manifested in several ways from showing compassion to a perfect stranger to reminding our friends and family how much we love them.

I have really felt God working on me this year and showing me where I could serve and show love.

Teaching has been the most amazing experience. I would have never imagined myself as a teacher, but I am so grateful that He opened this door for me and gave me this experience.

I meet my new theater students in January and I am so excited to meet them. But, I still haven't forgotten about my former students. I surprised them yesterday and brought them Christmas cookies unbeknownst to them. When I walked through the door, they gasped. I smiled at them and they smiled back. I couldn't stay long because they were in the middle of music and yoga classes. But, I did get to hug my one student I talked about previously in this blog who had taken a while to come out of her shell. The visit was very short, but it meant a lot to me to be able to see their beautiful faces. I told them before our last day that I would  pop up one day out of the blue and surprise them. And, like all kids who never forget anything, one of my girls said, "Well, she didn't lie when she said she was coming back." I was happy to be there.

Last week Shakespeare Against Cancer performed at Oakwood Hospital's Center for Exceptional Families. It was a great show and I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to perform for such a great group of kids, parents and staff. We hope to go back in the near future.

The amazing board of Shakespeare Against Cancer is really helping me develop this program. They are a great group of people who are really helping me focus, teaching me about business and giving great advice on how the program can become better. With their help, we hope to improve in 2013. The "cherry on top" is that the board all consist of relatives. We all loved my aunt, Sherry, for whom this endeavor is dedicated. We want to make sure that we can bring smiles to the faces of as many children as we can through the arts in her memory.

Being able to teach and having Shakespeare Against Cancer enables me to bring Shakespeare into the lives of children in an accessible and fun way. It has also helped my heart grow so much as I have often described on this blog. And, as it grows it makes me want to do more. It has also helped me, I feel, become a better person in my personal life. I feel so open to giving and receiving love.

Love is the absolute most powerful thing in the world. I hope and believe the more we fill our lives and the lives of others with love, the better the world will be. It will help us. It will heal us.


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