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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Oh, how I remember sweet, sweet September

September was an amazing month. I got to see Oprah at the Life You Want Tour (no, I didn't meet her...not yet), and I gave a TED talk.

I love TED talks. Folks like Malcolm Gladwell and Elizabeth Gilbert have given talks that have made me think deeper and inspired my own passions.

TEDx Detroit was at the Detroit Opera House this year. The home of one of my idols, David Dichiera -- Founder and Artistic Director of the Michigan Opera Theatre. So when I was asked to give a talk at TEDx Detroit about my baby, Shakespeare in Detroit, and in that location, I was floored. I was so excited.

It was by far my favorite moment this year. I was able to introduce "King Lear" with one of my favorite actors, Peter Knox, to an audience that was there with the intention to receive and give good energy. I was intoxicated with all the love I felt in that moment from the attentive audience. And it felt like divine order that I would give a talk in that space, at this time.

Thank you Detroit for having my back on this journey with The Bard.

As I said in my talk, I am living, breathing proof that dreams come true. I thank everyone who has helped me go further than my dreams. I feel the momentum.

I am excited for the future.

(P.s. Shakespeare in Detroit will present "King Lear" in April 2015).


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