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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top Ten Moments of 2014

To say this has been the best year of my life is by no means an exaggeration. It is the beautiful truth.

I am so grateful to the people and the Divine for giving me the courage, support and love to go ferociously after my dreams. There were so many awesome moments in 2014, but I thought I’d share my top ten.

Many blessings, hugs and gratitude to the people who have supported me, especially, Tonnille Williams, Van Nguyen, Lindsay Holston and my brother, Freddy. You guys celebrated the good with me, helped me earn my wings in my professional life,  and got me through the times I was unsure; I was sad, frustrated and confused. You saw the real me and you had my back. Thank you.


#10 Getting to talk to kids about living their dreams is always fun for me. I always end up walking away inspired by their energy and potential. Thank you to East Hills Middle School for having me!


#9 Chatting with my fellow entrepreneurs is always the coolest of cool moments. Thank you for the fun Beer & Builders! Grand Circus Co., you are the best! Love your people. Love your space. I appreciate the opportunity.

#8 Who would have thought the little girl from Seven Mile who loves Shakespeare would get to chat about her Shakespeare dreams in a room full of Bard academics? Thank you to the Midwest Modern Language Association for having me and valuing my voice.

#7 Winning Detroit SOUP helped get the ball rolling for our 2014 shows. There would be no “Antony and Cleopatra” without you guys. Thank you for getting it. Thank you for supporting my crazy imagination. (Forgive my blurry photo).

#6 Crain’s Detroit Business’ 30 Under 30. It was such an honor. It was a happy moment for me as an artist to be recognized with other innovators from medical to technical fields.  

#5 TEDx Detroit was…There are really no words for this moment. I am a HUGE fan of TED conferences so I would’ve been happy just being in the audience. But, I gave a talk. And people liked it. WOW.

#4 “The Tempest” in September 2014. Only a few people saw the show. But, it was SUPER fun. I loved being in the audience watching the actors bring the comedy to life. I am really proud of that show. Kudos to the cast and crew on a supreme production.

#3 “Romeo and Juliet” at Mumford High School in July 2014. I was able to bring my company home to my former high school. There had never been a play in their new state of the art theater. It was a beautiful thing to right that wrong. How can you not have a theater program with that fancy theater? I love you Mumford, but, please, bring more theater to your school. Please? (Photo taken at Grand Circus Park performance).

#2 My number two pick is designated for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at New Center Park where we enjoyed our biggest audience to date. There were 800 people in attendance. The rainy weather that had been plaguing the summer missed us – literally, a black cloud passed right over us and the sun showed up. It was amazing!

#1 Of course, number one goes to “Antony and Cleopatra” at Recycle Here. The four-show run was of epic proportions. Seats by Sit On it Detroit. Repurposed or recycled costumes.  Despite the freezing temperatures, 738 people supported us. Thank you, Detroit!

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